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My approach to counselling with you...

I am an integrative counsellor. This means I am trained to work with more than one model. I find this gives more freedom to the counselling sessions, where I can shape the counselling experience to your individual needs and goals. 

The Person-Centred approach is at the heart of how I will work with you, with the core conditions and values of Person-Centred Counselling forming the basis of the counselling work. Once the therapeutic relationship is established and a solid foundation of trust has been built, I introduce techniques and theory from Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and aspects of Mindfulness into the counselling sessions. This creative approach enables you as the client, to experience a new perspective on your life and develop a fresh understanding about how to resolve or cope with your issues.

My commitment to you is to provide a safe and supportive counselling space that will help you to feel at ease, listened to and never feel judged. While I am alongside you on your journey I will support you to connect with your ‘true’ self.  This will enable you to develop coping strategies, overcome emotional challenges, achieve improved well-being and become empowered to make important life choices.

My counselling service

I feel that my counselling service should be accessible to everyone. I provide a counselling service that is affordable,

friendly and professional. I offer a choice of two locations in Exeter or Newton Abbot. Also with the support of technology I can provide Skype and telephone counselling. 


Please see my 'Contact' page to make an enquiry about my counselling service or to book an appointment. 

I can offer you counselling support for the following issues:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Depression

  • PMS  - self-care and coping strategies

  • Menopause and Perimenopause

  • Health issues

  • Lack of motivation

  • Insomnia

  • Social phobia

  • Loneliness

  • Hoarding

  • Loss and letting go

  • Bereavement

  • Low confidence and self-esteem

  • Relationship and family issues

  • Stress - to include exam related and work-related stress

  • Making difficult life choices

Another strand of my counselling service is support around career and life choices.

I want to support you with those important and sometimes difficult choices you face, while living authentically and inline with your values and who you really are. An aspect of this is finding purpose and being happy in your employment, relationships and environment. I am passionate about supporting you to find a life balance and achieve optimum wellbeing.

Could you benefit from counselling for career issues and to find work life balance? 

I think it is important that we are as 'happy' and content as we can be in our chosen careers and employment choices.

Otherwise the price we pay can be high and negatively impact on our well-being, potentially lead to anxiety, stress, health issues, insomnia or relationship problems.

Do you feel frustrated or ‘stuck’ in your current job/career?

Would you like support to:

  • Explore other careers that will give you more job satisfaction

  • Change negative patterns of behaviour

  • Recognise your unique skills

  • Manage work related stress and difficult relationships at work

  • Overcome issues that could be affecting your work life

  • Understand how negative thoughts may be holding you back from success

  • Develop your CV and cover letter

  • You may be experiencing stress at work that is stopping you from enjoying a job you otherwise like doing

I can support you with the following work-related issues:

  • Work performance stress

  • Bullying or conflict with manager/ colleagues

  • Depression and anxiety at work

  • Confidence issues - low self-esteem at work

  • Redundancy concerns

Cost of counselling session 

I believe that counselling should be accessible to everyone and I aim to provide an affordable counselling service. Therefore, I operate a sliding scale for counselling session fees with the average fee for a counselling session at £43 for 60 minutes. I am flexible with the fee and offer concessions so please do ask.

I offer a concessionary rate if you are a student, unemployed or a student counsellor in training. I am flexible with the hours that I work and when I could see you.

As well as face to face counselling I offer telephone and Skype counselling sessions. 

With no obligation contact me today, to book a free short telephone consultation before you commit to an initial appointment.



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