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Welcome to my website  - Lisa Scarborough Counselling. I decided to set up my own practice as I am passionate about wanting to help people reach their true potential and live as authentically as possible. I believe this to be at the core of being happy.



Our life experiences shape who we are and possibly why you are reading my website is because of issues, problems or dilemmas that you are experiencing at the moment.  Sometimes while we are journeying through life we can come off track, maybe through a bereavement or relationship break up. The reasons to seek counselling are endless as what brings someone to counselling is very unique to the individual. 

A counselling session is a special space where you enter a journey of self discovery. Counselling helps you to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness. You will get to know yourself better and understand your feelings and behaviours. You will begin to notice how your counselling sessions have a positive impact on many aspects of your life, especially your relationships with others!  Counselling will enable you to have a better relationship with yourself and develop the skills you need to become more

emotionally resilient and generally feel more able to cope with life. 

I can offer support for a whole range of issues, please do explore the 'Services' page to find out more. 








Why Counselling?

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